Valentine’s Day

In the News!



As we gear up our caramel production for fall, retailers are already thinking about Valentine’s Day!  Daffy Farms is featured in a piece by Bakemag’s instore magazine.  The article mentions Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel and caramel apples as a unique choice for Valentine’s Day.  We are also featured in the July issue of Progressive Grocer, in a blurb about our new all natural products.


The Wonders of the Clear Caramel Apple Box

The Clear Caramel Apple Box.


It is easy to fold.


It looks good.


It is a decorator’s dream.


Q&A Tuesday: What is Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel?

 Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel is very similar to our Daffy Apple Traditional Caramel, only red in color instead of brown. Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel does not harden like a candy coating, it stays soft and easy to eat. It can be bought in bulk quantities, in a Red Candy Caramel Apple Kit with Crunch, or on our Petite Red Candy Caramel Apples with Crunch and Petite Red Candy Caramel Apples with Holiday Sprinkles.