Q&A Tuesday

Q&A Tuesday: Where are you located and do you have a factory store?

MapWe are located in beautiful, Denver, Colorado! Click on the map for more location and direction information. We are open 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

During caramel apple season, late August through the middle of November, we usually have some individual Petite Caramel Apples for sale in our lobby, as well as a few cases of production line overrun and factory seconds. It is always a good idea to call ahead, though, to check and see what we currently have available. If you would like something specific, it is best to actually place an order online and pick the will call option for delivery at checkout.

All year long, you are welcome to pick up caramel, sticks, toppings, cellophane bags and other caramel apple supplies from our factory location. Again, though, it is best to place an order online, or at least call ahead, to be sure we have what you need in stock.

Q&A Tuesday: What types of bulk caramel do you sell?

Currently, we sell three different types of bulk caramel: Traditional Caramel, Red Candy Caramel, and All Natural Baker’s Caramel.

34Traditional Caramel and Red Candy Caramel are dipping caramels, perfect for use in dipping caramel apples due to the way they coat apples in an even, beautiful, shiny layer and are sticky enough to hold onto a variety of toppings. They are great for other applications, too, like drizzling on desserts, using as an ingredient in recipes and sauces, and, of course, dipping things other than apples (bananas, pears, grapes, cookies, marshmallows, pretzels?!) Both are packaged in a variety of sizes ranging from a 20 ounce tub to a 5 gallon bucket.

106All Natural Baker’s Caramel was developed for, and is currently used by, grocery store bakeries for baked goods like cakes and brownies and cookies and tarts. It has a creamier texture and does not contain the sticking power of our other two bulk dipping caramels, so it is not recommended for caramel apple dipping. We are, however, currently working on an All Natural Dipping Caramel we hope to have available for retail sale by this fall. Our All Natural Baker’s Caramel is currently packaged in super easy to use 6.5lb microwavable tubs.

Q&A Tuesday: Why do you have two names – Daffy Farms & Daffy Apple?

For many, many years, Daffy Apple Corp. has been known for the Daffy Apple Caramel Apple, hence the original company name.  Over the last seven years Daffy Apple Corp. has added bulk caramel, caramel popcorn and other confectionery products to our product line.  Since we’ve diversified, we thought it was time to update the company name to encompass all of our products and so Daffy Farms was born.  Daffy Farms still sells the Daffy Apple Caramel Apple, but now we have room to grow with a name that better represents everything we do!

Q&A Tuesday: How long do caramel apples last?

Daffy Apple Caramel Apples have a shelf life of two weeks.  This time frame includes any production and shipping time, so may be shorter once a caramel apple arrives at its destination.  A “Best By” date code will be marked on each individual package.  Daffy Apple Caramel Apples are very sensitive to heat, humidity, and cold.  They will stay the freshest if they are refrigerated until use, however if refrigeration is unavailable, they will be fine if kept in a cool, dry location.  Daffy Apple Caramel Apples should never be frozen.

Q&A Tuesday: Do you make a plain caramel apple, a caramel apple with only caramel and without anything else on it?

Our caramel stays super soft and sticky, which is good because it makes it easy to eat, but it also makes it stick to everything!  We do not make a plain caramel apple, we put toppings—crunch, peanuts, pecans, sprinkles, chocolate—on all of our caramel apples so that they can easily be packaged and shipped to homes and stores across the country.

Q&A Tuesday: Why can’t I buy Daffy Apples in the store all year long?

Easily the number one question our fans ask! Daffy Farms uses freshly harvested domestic apples.  Apple harvest generally starts in late August and goes through early November, so that is when Daffy Apple Petite Caramel Apples are produced and available for sale in retail stores. The good news is we have all of the supplies available for at home Daffy Apple making on our website!