DIY: Apples and Caramel and Leaves, Oh my!

Close your eyes and picture an apple.  What do you see?  Bright red or green skin, a brown stem, a crisp little leaf?  That’s what we see too!  So, we traveled down to our local craft store with the traditional image of an apple in mind to serve as inspiration for DIY decorating our Petite Caramel Apples.

We found these bunches of leaves in the floral department.


The green leaves were $1.99 for 24, or around 9 cents each.  The white iridescent leaves were $1.99 for 11, but we think we might have had an extra in our bundle, we are assuming there were suppose to be 10, which means they were around 20 cents each.  The stem of each leaf is made of wire, so it is super easy to use and works well in keeping our clear cellophane bags closed.




We’re partial to our Petite Red Candy Caramel Apples with Crunch with the green leaves attached, but the white iridescent leaves do add some nice sparkle!

We also came across burlap leaves.  Burlap has a fantastic rustic fall feel to it and it is everywhere right now! These leaves were all attached to the same branch, 7 in total, for $1.99, or around 29 cents each.  What we discovered while working with them, though, is that they can easily be detached and used like the other leaves with metal bendy stems.


How cute would a whole table full of these be at a wedding reception?  Or maybe one at each place setting?


We also picked up a coral colored burlap flower.  These burlap flowers come in many different colors, so they could coordinate with a number of theme color combos.  At $1.99 each, the addition of the flower may become a bit extravagant for 250 favors, but for a smaller party or as individual gifts, we think the flower dresses up one of our Petite Caramel Apples in quite a lovely way.



Q&A Tuesday: What is Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel?

 Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel is very similar to our Daffy Apple Traditional Caramel, only red in color instead of brown. Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel does not harden like a candy coating, it stays soft and easy to eat. It can be bought in bulk quantities, in a Red Candy Caramel Apple Kit with Crunch, or on our Petite Red Candy Caramel Apples with Crunch and Petite Red Candy Caramel Apples with Holiday Sprinkles.

The Apples are Back!

55Daffy Apple Petite Caramel Apples are available again for a limited time only!  Online ordering is open now for delivery during the month of April.  Daffy Apple Traditional and Gourmet Petite Caramel Apple Sample Packs are a great way to try a few different options before placing a large order for a wedding, party or corporate event this fall.  Petite Caramel Apples by the case are also available for events taking place in April and for delivery to your home, if your Daffy Apple cravings just can’t wait until September!