Daffy Apple Back in California

After a 48 year hiatus Daffy Apple® Caramel Apples are back in California and other Western states.  “Daffy Apples” as they are commonly called are one of the oldest caramel apple brands in the US.  Founded in Illinois in 1951, there were numerous Daffy Apple franchisees around the country including Southern California.  After the founder passed away, Daffy Apple consolidated to one location in Denver, CO.

Daffy Apples are made with fresh crop California granny smith apples ensuring a juicy and crisp caramel apple.  The traditional Daffy Apple is made with a sweet crunchy coating and is nut-free and always has been.  Daffy Apple also makes other varieties like peanut, peanut chocolate chip and sprinkles.

Currently, Daffy Apples can be found in California at Ralph’s and Food4Less.  In the West, they can also be found at Fry’s and Fred Meyer.  Visit Daffy Apple’s website at www.daffyapple.com for more products like caramel apple kits and other caramel confections.