Photo Shoot


It has been a busy week at Daffy Farms!  We tested some new caramel corn recipes, made some website changes, and acquired quite a few new Facebook friends!  The highlight of the week, though, was an all day photo shoot with Annette Slade Photography, Inc. featuring our All Natural Baker’s Caramel.  One of our newest products, our All Natural Baker’s Caramel has been used in desserts by Whole Foods in several locations throughout Colorado for a couple of years now.  We also ship it via our website to bakeries and small home based businesses across the country.  With a simple ingredient list that includes fresh cream, pure cane sugar, and butter, our All Natural Baker’s Caramel has no artificial colors or flavors and is gluten free.  It will be one of our star products at the IDDBA Seminar and Expo this June, so we needed some high quality promotional photos showcasing its use as a filling and topping for baked goods.  Chocolate, nuts, whipped cream and our caramel were on display in the form of cakes and brownies and tarts.  We even managed to sneak in a couple of pictures of an apple being dipped into our Traditional Caramel.  The photos turned out fantastic and we can’t wait to share the final results with you!